Pavement sealer can be applied by squeegee or specialized spray equipment.We offer both services.

  Protect your asphalt pavement and double it's life with seal coating.                       Sealcoat cost pennies compared to dollars for asphalt paving.                                             We use only the best commercial grade coal tar sealer.This is NOT the same as the sealer available at hardware stores. Because of the strength and special handling requirements it can only be purchased for use by professional commercial applicators.

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We hope to earn your business by giving you quality service and materials at an affordable and fair price.                                                                              

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to service your pavement,  Owner Matt O'Brien,

Looking for the Cheapest Price? Now, I’m not here to tell you how to spend your money. If service and quality are not overly important to you and your budget is tight, then by all means take several bids and chose the sealcoat contractor who shoots you the lowest price. But don’t kid yourself. Just like with everything else in life, price and quality go hand in hand. When you choose the lowest price in this industry you usually get the contractor with the least incentive to keep you happy . After all, you’ve already communicated that price is all you really care about. Your decision to shop for the lowest price should be done with caution.
While we don’t doubt your ability, the truth of the matter is that some over-zealous do-it-yourselfers end up with worse results than they would have if they had just hired a company to take care of it for them. Save your time and get professional quality results with our commercial grade sealer and skills to do it right for you.If you decide to do the sealcoat job yourself, then you may be disappointed by a poor outcome and an unprofessional appearance.
Challenges of DIY Sealcoating: If you’ve ever thought about doing an asphalt sealcoating job yourself for your home or business, then you already know just how daunting a task it can be. If you’re thinking about doing it yourself, then truth be told, you’re putting yourself up against a slew of challenges that could make your results less than desirable. While many home or business owners think that they can take care of a sealing job by themselves with no outside help, the truth of the matter is that it’s a much better idea to have a professional company take care of it for you. Keep reading for a short list of the challenges you’d face if you decided to take care of the sealing job yourself.


If you’re going to fly this one solo, then you’ll run the risk of never having enough time to get the job done. What many people don’t realize is that sealcoating takes quite a bit of time and skill to do it efficently and get professional results. And if you already have a busy schedule, then you may never find the time to get started. Or you may be off to a good start, but then you run short on materials leaving the job incomplete.Sealcoating can be a very messy job without the proper techniques of a professional. Sealer can ruin not only your shoes but also your washing machine and dryer.Trust me on that!just ask my wife.


There are many factors to consider when getting bids to have a commercial property sealcoated. Are all the contractors making apples to apples bids? Is the contractor bidding one or two coats? Many commercial parking lots receive a lot of traffic and a one coat application often will not last very long and isn’t consistent with manufacturers specifications. Will the coating be sprayed or squeegee applied? Is sealing of major cracks included in the bid? Recommend that the contractors bidding on your parking lot itemize everything they are doing. How much for one coat, how much for second coat. How much for patching, etc. Also make sure they’re specifying materials used as well as method of application. IF YOU CHOOSE THE LOW BID YOU MAY NOT FIND THEM WHEN PROBLEMS APPEAR.

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